How Do You Get Started?

The First Step:
If you qualify, we'll start you on the Reserve Training Program that lets you (on a part-time basis) learn about Farmers, and how to sell insurance and financial services, for 3 to 6 months.

You don't even have to quit your present job to get started. This gives you an excellent opportunity to take a good look at Farmers while we take a good look at you.

We work with you while you learn the basic product knowledge and selling skills you'll need to be a success.

Meanwhile, you'll have a chance to associate with established agents who'll be glad to share their experiences with you.

(While in the Reserve program you'll also earn commissions.)

The Next Step ...
This is when you have to decide if you're ready to pursue a career as a full-time agent with the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

If you're confident that you want to use your abilities and your talent to build an agency that you control - in other words your future - it's time to quit your job, make a break, and begin building a Farmers agency on a full-time basis.

When you successfully complete the Reserve program, you may be considered as a full-time agent for the Career Training Program.