What We Look For And Expect of Our Agents

Below you will find a few of our successful agencies profiled in the Team 77 “Profiles of Success.”  The people that you will see in these profiles came from all walks of life. They found the Farmers agency opportunity to be the perfect fit for them to take advantage of the greatest small business opportunity in America.

District 77 is a group of highly successful small business owners who are proud and independent and yet come together in the team spirit that we call here, Team 77. I invite you to review these Profiles of Success and then imagine yourself in the future 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and even 20 years in the future. Where will you be on your current path? Where would you be if you began our program today?

We have omitted income figures from these profiles, but rest assured our agents are making well into the 6-figure area and some approaching 7-figures. We will be glad to share income success levels in our one-on-one informational interview with you.

Enjoy these profiles and give us a call today to schedule your informational interview.
  Marissa & Joey Yusay Insurance Agency
Pleasanton, CA

Career Date:
Prior Occupation:
Number of Policies in Agency:

April 2004
Operations Specialist II at Charles Schwab
2 full time; 1 part time
Topper Club (9)              Blue Vase
Championship (9)           Crystal Blue Vase

Bio:      Born in the Philippines
School - Ateneo De Naga University in the Philippines, BA in Economics
Married 22yrs., 2 kids, 22 and 21
Moved to U.S. in 1986, for greener pastures.

Why insurance? My husband was in the insurance business so being exposed to it I learned to like it because it was giving us the comfort that we had in our lives. Joey was doing it part time and it was financing our vacations and our good life.

Why Farmers? I tried contacting State Farm, All state and Farmers.  Joey had a life license and was actively selling health, life and long term care. People that we met would always ask about home and auto insurance.  That triggered us to look into another company instead of sending people away. We decided to get licensed. That same period the layoffs were everywhere so I was being threatened to be laid off by Charles Schwab. At the same time clients were calling to cancel life policies or lower their monthly premium. So we said, “What is the business that won’t be as affected by the insureds tightening their budgets?  What products would people still need even if they didn’t have work?”  They would need car insurance to look for a job so they would never cancel. We decided to go for auto insurance. During this time that we were discussing the change, Dave’s letter came in the mail. I called Dave for an appointment and the Yusay Insurance Agency was born.

What helped you transition to an insurance career? What made it easy for us was we didn't have to struggle to learn the selling techniques. It was just a transition of the product, not a change of gear.  We were just adding other products. Having Joey already in the business and having his book really made it a lot easier.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career? It’s a prestigious company. When I tried to make my choices I was picking among the three. They are an elite insurance company and you should be proud to represent them. You don't have to sell the company, you only have to sell yourself.

What are some non-economic rewards? The flexibility so that I do not need to pick up the phone and say ‘I’m sick today, I can't come to work”. It was good timing since our girls were grown. To be able to control your own time, you can create your own flexibility. It makes it easy to live day to day and be able to plan your day not forgetting your other obligations as a parent.

What are your long term goals? To be able to live my retirement life in a very comfortable way economically.  I want to make sure my girls finish college and have my nice retirement home in a nice place. To be able to go around the world in my old age. I know we will go one day and we should be able to enjoy it, I want to be able to finance that.

Would you recommend this career to others and why? Yes, it is not a job for everyone though. There are very long hours. I don’t know a lot of people who would put so much into it. I would only recommend it to people who would give everything to it. I always give 110%. If I cannot, I wouldn’t even do it. I would recommend it to someone who is hard working and someone who doesn’t want a typical 8-5 job. You have to be outgoing and be able to manage your time well. If you can't it’s very hard. You have to be flexible and patient. It takes hard work and money.  For the right person it’s a great opportunity. I have no regrets, we work a lot but I would never complain.

Walnut Creek, CA

Career Date:
Prior Occupation:                     
Number of Policies in Agency:

April, 2002
Software Engineer
3 Full Time
Blue Vase 
Topper Club (4) 
Championship (2)


Bio:      Born in Ukraine
School - Ukraine Technical University, Civil Engineer Degree
Kiev Economical University, CPA
San Francisco University, BS in Computer Science
Married 24 years, 2 kids - 22 & 13 years old

Moved to the U.S. on February 16, 1996 because of ecology. We lived very close to Chernobyl and feared radiation. We had many relatives die from cancer and we feared for our health.

Why Insurance?  I was looking for work and didn’t know anything about insurance so I decided to give it a try.

Why Farmers?  I had a friend at a dealership that had a relationship with a Farmers agent, Michael Smith. From there I was referred to Dave Oyler.

What helped you transition to an insurance career?  My toughness and my drive to make money.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career?  Farmers is very good to their agents.  They give their agents the opportunity to make a lot of money as well as own their own business.

What are some non-economic rewards?  I don’t need to be in the office all the time so I’m able to go and spend time with my kids when I need to.

What are your long term goals?  To be a successful agent and to continue to grow my agency.

Would you recommend this career to others and why?  Yes I would recommend it to others. It is a huge opportunity to own your business to make a lot of money and to have free time.
  Scott Halbrook
Oakland, CA

Career Date:
Prior Occupation:                     
Number of Policies in Agency:

July 2004
Manufacturers Sales Rep
1 Full Time; 1 Part Time
Blue Vase Topper Club (2) 


Bio:      Born in Novato CA.
School - Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton; San Diego State University BS in Criminal Justice Administration
Married 10 yrs. 2 kids – 8 and 6 years old.

Why Insurance?  I wanted to create a long-term business of my own that would not be so sensitive to the ups and downs of the economy. It was a good match because of my     background of selling and my organizational skills with the day to day things.

Why Farmers?  Many reasons - not in any order: the family provision - if something were to happen  to me I can give the business to my wife or kids. I can sell commercial insurance as Farmers is multi-line and is a big name. I like the fact that they are wide open to where you can go and do your thing. They have a family oriented culture. I also liked being able to open up shop wherever I wanted, not getting told where to go.

What helped you transition to an insurance career?  My past experience in sales and Dave Oyler’s support and training.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career?  You can make it whatever you want to make it. It surprised me, what a positive impact the work I can do for people can have on their lives. I didn’t realize there are so many ways of writing insurance and I get a really good feeling out of helping people.

What are some non-economic rewards?  Becoming much more tied to my local community. It has allowed me to meet a lot more people in my area unlike other sales positions.

What are your long term goals?  To continue to grow a very well-balanced book of business and  to build long term relationships with my clients.

Would you recommend this career to others? Yes, it’s a very potentially lucrative way to make a very good living and have a positive influence on your community and customers.
  JuliAnn Robinson
Dublin, CA
  Career Date:
Prior Occupation:                      Number of Policies in Agency:  


September 2006
Retail Business Owner
2380, plus 44 investment accounts with $2.1 M in managed assets
4 Full Time, 1 Part Time
Blue Vase
Crystal Blue Vase
Topper Club (7)
Championship (7)
Presidents Council
District 77 Agent of the Year (4)


Bio: Born in Wisconsin
BA, University of Wisconsin – Madison
MBA, Loyola University - Chicago
Married for 30 years 

Why Insurance?  When I interviewed for the very first time with Farmers after closing my retail business, my husband asked that very question:  Why insurance?  My response to his question was: Why not insurance?  I will be able to continue servicing and educating customers as well as sell, which I am passionate about, and the only difference is 1) the product and 2) I will have corporate backing.

Why Farmers? Farmers District 77 provided me with an opportunity that suited me and my personality just by the shear nature of how the agency force is set up and the size of the Company itself.  I really did not know that much about Farmers until I started researching prior to my decision to join the company as an Agent.  I also researched other insurance companies and determined that Farmers’ unique Agency distribution system was the one that I wanted to be affiliated with.

What helped you transition to an insurance career? My experience as a startup business owner/operator as well as years of experience servicing customers definitely helped.  But perhaps what helped the most was the fact that I completely immersed myself into my new career.  No part time job, or full time job for that matter, just 100% Agent.  I got my insurance and securities licenses quickly, “Careered” quickly, set up my [oversized] office quickly (while a Reserve Agent) and hired my first employee quickly.  The other thing that helped with my transition was the fact that I had experienced the grind of being a retailer.  I knew that, with patience and perseverance, the income would start coming in and my agency would start to grow.  I also had personal monetary reserves which I was able to invest in my agency.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career? The pluses are most definitely the following: autonomy as a business owner, corporate (including District) backing and support, financial support from Farmers while starting up your agency, the Farmers brand you are representing,  the training you receive from both the District Office and the Company itself.  There are also Agents that believe a definite plus is the Family Rights Provision of our contract.

What are some non-economic rewards? Some of the non-economic rewards include:  1) happy clients, we love happy clients at our Agency, 2) the feeling of gratification when I have really helped a client, 3) being recognized for doing a good [great] job by the Company and the District, and 4) the appreciation other Agents show me for taking time out to meet with them and help/mentor them [whether they have been around for 40 years or 2 months].

What are your long term goals? Obviously, my long term goal would be to retire comfortably, but not before I have reached a certain level of contract value.  I got a late start in this profession, so I feel it is necessary to really excel in order to reach my financial goals.  I intend to grow my agency no less than 25% per year until I have hit that mark.  Then I will [consider] retirement.

Would you recommend this career to others and why? I would absolutely recommend this career to others.  However, I would caution someone to first take a long hard look at themselves before diving in.  They need to ask themselves: do they have financial reserves, are they self-motivated, are they disciplined, do they have a good sense for business, are they willing to put in the time to make their agency a success, do they like people, are they willing to be patient and wait up to five years before they turn the corner and the income really starts to come in, and finally, will they love what they are doing?  If the answer is “yes” to all of these questions, then I believe they will have a successful and financially rewarding career as a Farmers Agent. 

  Kim McGuire-Reid
McGuire Reid Insurance

Oakland, CA
  Career Date:
Prior Occupation:                      Number of Policies in Agency:  

Mortgage Loan Consultant
2 full time staff

Blue Vase
Topper Club

Born in Merced, CA
Attended University of Phoenix, BA in Business Management
Married for 20+ years to Councilmember Larry Reid, President of Oakland City Council
We have 6 children, and 1 Dog (Snickers) who is my other son.

Why Insurance?
Working in insurance means assisting companies and individuals in guarding themselves against loss. Risk management is an integral part of the work.  As an insurance professional, you will guide customers in identifying the type, and level of insurance necessary, and help them purchase the correct policy.

Why Farmers? I have been licensed to sell life, annuity, and disability policies for 27 years.  However I was not able to find the passion and drive needed to succeed and support my family.

Once I was introduced to the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, providing personal lines property and casualty insurance (homeowners insurance, auto insurance, commercial, life insurance, and financial services) I became excited about the broad product line I would be able to offer my clients.  

In further research I found that Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is the third largest insurance group in the US servicing over 10 million households in 41 states.

Farmers offers you the opportunity to be a part of a solid company with proven systems to succeed.

What helped you transition to an insurance career? Having existing insurance sales experience with life and disability insurance, as well as currently operating a mortgage company made my transition into Farmers a natural fit.  Being comfortable with consulting and sales allowed me the opportunity to jump right in to learning the products Farmers had to offer.  Once I learned about Farmers training program, University of Farmers, I knew I would be able to hone my sales skills to increase my potential for success.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career?
Credible Organization
Financially Stable
State of the Art Technology
Award Winning Training (ongoing) – Farmers University
Motivational and Training conferences – California Agents Conference held yearly
District Manager Support – you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself

What are some non-economic rewards? As a Farmers Agency Owner, you are in control of your time.  You don’t have to compromise your family to have a career.  This opportunity can be passed on to my children once I decide to retire.

What are your long term goals? To continue to grow my business to provide for my family as well as give back to my community.  To retire comfortable and travel with my husband and dog (Snickers) in our RV.

Would you recommend this career to others and why? Yes, Farmers is a great career for individuals who desire to build a lucrative business, educate their clients and serve the community in which they live.

  Geety Siddiqi & 
Wali Raziki
Dublin Farmers

Oakland, CA
  Career Date:
Prior Occupation:                      Number of Policies in Agency:  


04/2008                                              Financial Advisor
2 Full Time                                                 Blue Vase
Crystal Blue Vase
Toppers Club (3)
Pacific Zone Award 2009 Career Agent


Bio: Born in Afghanistan,
Graduated from CSU Hayward with a BS in Biology and a BS in Computer Science.
Married for 16 years and we have 3 kids.

Why Insurance? I wanted a flexible and family friendly career; being self-employed and having control over client appointments were key elements. I also wanted a career that will take care of my financial well-being, and residual income from renewal business was the deciding factor.

Why Farmers? I looked at other big carriers. Farmers was the only one that allowed me to keep my book of business or allowed me to sell it back to Farmers. Farmers also allowed more freedom as to how run the business. Other carriers may have offered more assistance such as shared CSR staff, but it also offered lower commissions and made the agent into their employee. I figure if I am going to be in a commission environment, I want to maximize my income. My sales will depict my income, I should not rely on base salaries or anything similar.

What helped you transition to an insurance career? Dave Oyler provided unbiased information regarding insurance sales in general and Farmers as a company. I did my own fact checking and found the information to be highly accurate. I was not clear on the outlook of an insurance career, but I asked many questions on numerous meetings with Dave. It truly requires hard and persistent work, but I think the payoff will be there.

What are the pluses to a Farmers Insurance career? Ownership of your book of business, subsidy assistance, life bonus opportunities, multi-line discounts to aid competitive position and retention, and being a one-stop shop for a client.

What are some non-economic rewards?  There is a trusted team of agents and DM there for support and guidance. We also have a good feeling of selling a product that is useful to your client, and the knowledge that a reputable company is backing us up.

What are your long term goals? In regard to business, I wish to have a successful, efficient, and profitable agency.

Would you recommend this career to others and why? I would recommend this career to people that are persistent and goal driven in life and work. I would recommend it to a person that understands hard work today means a better tomorrow.